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Designed to hold 2 graded cards, the v4 stand from GemMintUK takes things to the next level.


If you're tight on space but have a lot of graded cards then this is the perfect item for you. You can use this stand along with our v1 & v3 range for a tripple layer display.


NOTE: whilst the stands do look similar, the holder section where the slab sits is custom made to fit the specific listing, please make sure you’re adding the right item to the basket before ordering.


The stands are designed with enough tolerance for slabs to be sleeved should you wish.


Material – PLA+ derived from corn starch 

Dimensions – width 8.5cm X length 9.5cm X height 7.3cm

Weight – 65g




Please note - that the edges of this product can be sharp and as such this product should be handled with care.


Please note - the v3 stand pictured is not included in this purchase. Only the 2 slot stand.

v4 Graded Card Stand

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