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Each item is 3D printed and hand painted with care using high quality material. Whilst we will try our best to match the display pictures, due to the nature of the work involved the colour and shading may differ slightly but we will try our best to match the in game look.


The Mysterious Artefact is a must have Cosplay item but also makes for an amazing display item!


Dimensions / Info
h15 x d15 x w15 cm
330 grams
Main Body 3D printed in PLA @ 0.08mm layer height

20 x Plates 3D printed in Resin @ 0.05mm layer height
Sanded with 400 / 1000 / 1200 grit
Primed with multiple layers of Citadel primers
Hand Painted with mix of other Citadel layer paints for detail


All items are 3D printed using strong but lightweight PLA & Resin
All items are sanded and painted by hand


You are purchasing a fully finished Cosplay item and not a raw 3D printed model.

Any questions please ask.


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Original STL from @krotek_ink


Mysterious Artefact (Baldur's Gate 3)

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