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How are your TCG stands made?


Good question! It all starts on the computer, the basic design is created in 3D using blender, we then spend hours tweaking the design to match the correct measurements so that your cards fit perfectly.

Once we are pleased with the design, we import it into our slicing software so that our 3D printers know how to build the TCG stand layer by layer. There are many tweaks that we do in here to get a quality finish.

Now we have the print file we can send it to our printers to begin the 3–5-hour prints! Yes, that’s right, every stand including the v1 takes between 3-5 hours to print just one! Our printers can handle much faster speeds, however, we never want to compromise quality over quantity.

After the prints have completed, they are inspected to see if there are any failures, if it all passes then it moves onto a few different phases depending on the model.


The v1 model is our standard design and it goes through a quick trim with a craft knife to remove any artifacts and bumps, we also sand down the spiked edges to make sure they are not too sharp and give it a good once over with 1000 and 3000 grit. The v1 will then go through one final quality assurance check and if it passes it’s ready to be shipped.



The v2 model is our deluxe design, after the print it goes through multiple stages, starting with 5 rounds of sanding by both machine and hand. 

Now we have a lovely smooth finish we must wash and dry them to remove all the debris, once dry we move on to the resin and colour.


We mix the epoxy resin and colour pigment before carefully injecting it into the stand, this is a very slow process in order not to get any spill onto the outside faces. Once the epoxy is in place, we use a flame to pop any surface bubbles, giving the stand that beautiful glossy finish.

The v2 models then must cure for 24 hours before going through a final buffing phase and quality assurance tests.

We are aware that you can purchase other 3D printed stands online and sometimes cheaper than ours. However, we are also aware that the amount of time, love & effort that goes into our product is unmatched.


Thanks for reading, we hoped you enjoyed this little insight into our business!

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